"Make Love A Rhythm"

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Late Night Overthinking

So it's currently 1:50 am and I'm browsing the Internet. My mind is wandering and the typical teenage girl in me is #overthinking So I thought I might vent a bit?

5 weeks till school...
1 book and project to complete..
What's with my friends lately?!?
Why hasn't she texted back?
Where do we stand?
What am I gonna do with my hair tomorrow?
Do you think about me too?
Do people notice that some times my smile really is a frown?
Does life get harder the older you get?
Am I singing to loud for 2am?
You're back but it's not the same..
I really should be in bed.. 
I miss the old us..
Things change... Sadly
Change and I aren't the best of pals...
How many people actually care?
It's late...
I'm gonna destroy my phone sooner or later?
Why do people act fake? 
I have 20% battery life left on my cell phone..
What else can I do to make my parents proud?

This is when I stop and remind myself that I'm me.. Fearfully and wonderfully made.. Things happen... People change and Life will go on
Night Lovelies!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013


A Quick Little Post:
So Tuesday was my little sister's birthday... she is 14 now!! Anyways she has a 8th grade formal coming up and she needed a new dress. Sadly I was BROKE!! We went to my favorite stores where I was tortured by sales and cute clothes. So following my summer shopping resolution which is to focus on buying tops and shirts only. I saw so many options. I thought I might share some outfit idea's that I am loving for the summer. THANK YOU TUMBLR!!

So I really am loving the Peter Pan collar. It's a trend that I really am starting to see and you can even make a Peter Pan necklace if you don't like it being attached to your shirt. Maybe I will do a DIY post.

So I used to adore the black on black converse but now.... I really want white converse. They are perfect for the fourth of July, barbecues and just chilling with your best mates.

Crochet tops. I love these. I walked into forever 21 and I saw one that called my name. Too bad I had no money because I would have been all over that bad boy!! Sorry ... went all awkward on you for a second. (:

OKAYYY I love this!! The colors , the shorts, and the sweater. I love the shorts. I would probably break my rules and buy the shorts immediately because they re so fun and cute!!

If you can't tell I am so pumped for summer!!! I love the colors, the shorts,and the freedom! I hope you enjoyed this post and I will talk soon.. BYEEE

Monday, May 6, 2013


As this school year is coming to an end and as STAAR testing is coming up this week. BLECH ): I want to do some reflections and think about my life and how I've changed and grown.

1. Outfit Choices- I went through my closet and noticed that I have loads of jeans and not a lot of shirts. So this summer I will go shopping and buy more shirts than I do shorts, jeans ,and leggings. I made personal decision to throw out all graphic tee's. I thought it's high school and I need to dress for success. I realize now that this year I really dumbed down my dress for success plan. WHOOPS (:

2. Music- I am a Directioner (don't hate) I love 1D and that won't change. In April I have noticed a slight change in my music choices. I have developed a love for Coldplay, Ben Howard, Justin Timberlake. I still love Ed Sheeran, Little Mix and of course One Direction. I just have really adopted the lighter sound of music. The more Indie, Soft Rock side.

3. Blogs- OHEMG I really have gotten into blogs and vlogs. On YouTube I can spend hours watching one of my favorite youtubers show me a good haul, makeup tutorial, and more. My favorite blogs are my sister Jocee or http://thecupcakedictionary.blogspot.com/  The Cupcake Dictionary. My other favorite blog is my good friend Toyosi http://standard-t.blogspot.com/ or Standard T. HER BLOG IS SOOOO GOOODD!!! GO CHECK IT OUT NOW!!

4. Hobbies- I'm a dancer and after failing to make a dance team at school I was super discouraged. I now realize that God had a specific purpose for me and I am watching it unfold. I now have really gotten into make up, fashion, and BLOGGGING!! I know over time these gifts will develop. I still dance because it's my life but I now have time to read which is something I love. (Any Book Suggestions)

5. Friends- I have had to really watch who I give my heart to. I have had some friend issues these past couple of months. In the end I really learned a lot about myself and a lot about who has my back and who will always be there for me.

This year has been one of the hardest, most painful,enjoyable, and crazy year ever and I am excited to see what the future holds.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

My Friend and Foe : NAILPOLISH

I love nail art. The irony in this is that I have the shortest nails known to man and I pick at the nail polish once it's on because a nail chips and I don't care about them anymore. I have the worst nail painting skills ever. It's so sad because I really like nail art. I would love to paint other people's nails but I wouldn't really care for painting mine. I have issues with my left hand looking like fabulous and my right... well let's just say It would frighten a whole lot of people. I really do want to improve though and the only way to improve is practice. I paint my nails constantly so I can learn what works and what looks good and bad. A few thinks I've learned is that you can use a pen as a dotting tool and cut and old nail polish brush to have a thin brush instead of a thick one. Of course I was dying to try it out and I have to say cutting an old brush works. The thing about using the pen as a dotting tool is the dots don't look right. So as a replacement you could use an old studded earring or stick an sewing pen in an pencil's eraser and BAM you have a more defined dotting tool. I hope this helps someone out there. I also hope all you nail polish warriors like me, keep fighting!

Monday, April 22, 2013


I decided I love my little blog to much to give it up. So I am going to keep posting and I'm going to add my new style. I will be talking about fashion, music, and my life. So if you still want to see my new blog here is the link:  http://rachels-rhythm.blogspot.com/ I hope you like it. I am still working on it!!! Okay now you know everything..... I think (:

Sunday, April 21, 2013


So I haven't blogged in a year or maybe more but I want you fabulous followers to know that my blog will be changing. I'm starting a new site I will link the site soon. It is going to be a totally different dynamic more writing, fashion, music. If you're interested check it out. I have grown up and changed a lot since my last post and I want you guys to get to know the real me. So PRETTY PLEASE check out my new blog. I will link it in an upcoming post. Love you all!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Puzzle Pieces, Baby Steps

The world is everchanging. Time moves. Days progress. Blogging is all new to me and I want to start getting more into writing shape. So I'm gonna write alot more. So hopefully I will atract new fans. I will progress along with everything else.
This is a poem I wrote I hope you like it.

Time, an ever changing song. The symphony of life. It moves like the wind of an autumn day. Pitter pitter patter patter. Baby steps are born. Chirp chirp. That baby bird learned how to fly. Now he soars across the sky. Time moving with the beat of my heart. I love one day and dream the next. My heart has never failed me though the time has. The pieces of the puzzle will always fit even when time will shape shift. I lift my eyes above knowing that this heart remains steadfast that this love will keep it's rhythm.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ravens writing

I love writing this is just a out of the box post. I hope you like it. I don't really but it's just somthing I wanted to share with you.

My heart stopped. Those words killed me. I took a deep breath and backed away. Can't believe this trying to fight back tears and and figuring out the words to say. He knows. I run for it. She has done the impossible. I trusted her gave her my souls secret. Now I see him its not normal. We never were never could and never will be. I remember this was my first heart break. Now I realize I cried over the ship that was wrecked. The bell that was broken. He never cared he loved her anyways. I'm just a memory a puzzle piece that will never fit his puzzle. I never will look at her or him the same.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Friendship soup

Hey guys,
So my mom,sister and I were hungry so we decided to make this soup and it was SO good. So all you soup lovers get out your pots, get notepad ,and write this  recipe down.  Also tune in for some pictures at the end of this post.

Friendship soup:
* 1 cup of mixed beans ( black,navy,pinto,black eyed)
* 2 quarts of water or chicken broth (we used chicken broth)
* 1/2 large carrot chopped
* 1/3 cup of coarsely chopped celery
* 8-10 ounce can of tomatoes ( we used retell)
* 1/3 cup chopped onion
* 1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder
* 1/2 teaspoon healthy season salt
* 1 tablespoon all-purpose herb mix (like Mrs. Dash)
* pepper to taste
* 1 or 2 cups of chopped chicken

Method : Chop all vegetables and chicken so they will be ready to add. Wash beans and place in a large pot. Add 2 quarts of water or chicken broth and bring to a boil. Add season salt, pepper, garlic powder,and herb mix. Simmer slowly for 3 hours or until beans are tender. Add your chopped carrots, celery, and onion. Simmer slowly for 1 hour or more if needed. Add tomatoes and heat though. Serve hot. You can cook this in a crock pot too.

I hope you enjoy it!!! I had so much fun making it. It was the perfect family project. Now here are those pictures:



Yesterday was 11:11:11. During school kids were buzzing about with a flow of anticipation in the air. It finally came to be 11:11:11 and there was a motion of peace. A moment where everything around you just came to be dead. I closed my eyes and thought of ....  Well I can't tell you or it won't come true. Sorry :)!!! Standing in the hallway my friends and I opened our eyes. It was like a new day. Teachers' stared at us in wonder of what we where doing.We hugged and said bye as we skipped off to class. After that everything just seemed to fall in place. The day just got a new fresh breath of life. I learned something from this one small moment of my busy Friday at school. The small thing in the day can bring an outburst. A breaking point is made. Take a moment let it all catch up with you. Give your day a new breath.