"Make Love A Rhythm"

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Looking Back

Life as a teenage girl living in the 21st century is not always easy. We deal with homework, extra activities, friends, jobs,and the pressure of being the perfect size. BUT, we are humans who make mistakes and have regrets. 20 or 30 years  from now I know I'm gonna look back at my life and be proud of all my achievements in life. I know that sometimes it gets hard but, you have to trust God and be surrounded by the people who love you. You have to love yourself whether your a size 2 or a size 20. Focus on the positive. Don't let HATERS stop you from being you. Look back on your life with a sense of accomplishments not failure. Most importantly walk with God and be strong!!!!!

We are all unique and special just like a rainbow


Sunday, July 24, 2011


 My favorite color EVER is well PURPLE of course so right now I'm gonna show you some really pretty purple pictures. So here it goes!!!
           mmm... m&m's yummy and their purple spectacular!!!!!

     I think its the pretty lace ribbon but I just adore this picture.

        In my opinion this is the best color to paint your nails with.

          I would so rush over to this bench if I saw it in the park!!!

      These are definitly the flowers that would decorate my house!!!

                                     My perfect prom dress !!! 

          A car that takes some guts and a love of purple to drive.

I just <3 love purple Don't you?
 Send me a version of this but with your favorite color!!
ravens rythhm of love            PRINCESS <3
God Bless  :D 
Enjoy :)