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Thursday, May 9, 2013


A Quick Little Post:
So Tuesday was my little sister's birthday... she is 14 now!! Anyways she has a 8th grade formal coming up and she needed a new dress. Sadly I was BROKE!! We went to my favorite stores where I was tortured by sales and cute clothes. So following my summer shopping resolution which is to focus on buying tops and shirts only. I saw so many options. I thought I might share some outfit idea's that I am loving for the summer. THANK YOU TUMBLR!!

So I really am loving the Peter Pan collar. It's a trend that I really am starting to see and you can even make a Peter Pan necklace if you don't like it being attached to your shirt. Maybe I will do a DIY post.

So I used to adore the black on black converse but now.... I really want white converse. They are perfect for the fourth of July, barbecues and just chilling with your best mates.

Crochet tops. I love these. I walked into forever 21 and I saw one that called my name. Too bad I had no money because I would have been all over that bad boy!! Sorry ... went all awkward on you for a second. (:

OKAYYY I love this!! The colors , the shorts, and the sweater. I love the shorts. I would probably break my rules and buy the shorts immediately because they re so fun and cute!!

If you can't tell I am so pumped for summer!!! I love the colors, the shorts,and the freedom! I hope you enjoyed this post and I will talk soon.. BYEEE

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