"Make Love A Rhythm"

Monday, June 27, 2011

Lazy Days!!!

Summer is here, but do you ever have those days where you do nothing and your parents are hollering at you saying " get off your  butt and go do somthing''. However you give them a blank stare and go back to being lazy. Well here you go, I'm gonna give you some lazy tips just to help you get your lazyness on.

1. Find a soft sofa to huddle up on!!!


2. Find a cute warm snuggie to huddle up in !!!

Warm Snuggie

3. Grab some snacks like popcorn or icecream
  Yummy Snacks

4. A flat screen t.v. to watch some awesome movies
 Flat Screen t.v. 

    So now that you have everything sit back ,relax,pop a movie in , and just be lazy. Its one of the best parts of summer!!!
byee have fun and remember to :


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Is Here

Summer is here. There are so many fun things about summer. So, I am gonna tell you about some of the best things about summer.

  • Feeling the warm sand underneath your toes at the beach.

  • A warm sunny day spent lounging at the pool

  • Tending to your beautiful garden with love and care.

  • Watching a beautiful sunset on a late summer evening.

  •  Spending some family time at one of the most magical places ever

  • Enjoying some fresh fruit and popsicles and ice cream. 

  • Staying up late and having sleepovers with your friends.

Summer is here and we have to live it up and have some fun. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

What am I thinking

 I'm thinking ...

How much I want to go shopping for a summer dress.

How much I want a nice cold  refreshing glass of lemonade!!!

When will I ever , if I will ever get some sleep.

I need to do my hair and do my nails, purple perhaps.

What in the world is my dog, Jack doing?

How much I LOVE LOVE!!!!


Make love a rhythm <3

Raven <3

Covering The Basics

Hey Raven Here,

THIS BLOG IS GONNA BE SOOOOO AWESOME SO STAY PLUGGED IN AND KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR MORE BLOG POSTS. I don't wanna just have some boring old speech every time I get on I wanna make it cool and interesting. You will sometimes hear about my life and other times hear a speech , poem,or a story. There will be pictures and alot more cool stuff . So get people to follow me and stay connected!!!! :)


These flowers are gorgeous and not just because they are my FAVORITE color. They represent beauty and life.

I love love love the bright colors of the sky in this picture the more I look the more I feel like I am actually there. Talk about lovely.

This cake looks so yummy. Its very colorful and brings joy to you I enjoy looking at it . Man I wanna eat that cake.

This is such a pretty photograph. It has lovely colors and to me is kinda like a puzzle. You have to focus on what you are looking at.
Last photo coming up!!!

I LOVE how simple this picture is. Its not a whole lot but it is a picture that stands out. This is an amazing picture . A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS!!!!!

Make LOVE A Rhythm <3 !!!!

- RAVEN :)

Happiness is....

Happiness is..
Watching a sunset,on a summer night,in your backyard,with family.

Watching the rain slowly drip down as it leaves you breathless.

Running barefoot in a green pasture as carefree as can be.

Rescuing a poor puppy and giving it true love

Admiring the big city lights as you are aproaching the city

Sharing your love and making the world a better place.
Make Love A Rhythm <3

Raven <3