"Make Love A Rhythm"

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Puzzle Pieces, Baby Steps

The world is everchanging. Time moves. Days progress. Blogging is all new to me and I want to start getting more into writing shape. So I'm gonna write alot more. So hopefully I will atract new fans. I will progress along with everything else.
This is a poem I wrote I hope you like it.

Time, an ever changing song. The symphony of life. It moves like the wind of an autumn day. Pitter pitter patter patter. Baby steps are born. Chirp chirp. That baby bird learned how to fly. Now he soars across the sky. Time moving with the beat of my heart. I love one day and dream the next. My heart has never failed me though the time has. The pieces of the puzzle will always fit even when time will shape shift. I lift my eyes above knowing that this heart remains steadfast that this love will keep it's rhythm.

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