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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Late Night Overthinking

So it's currently 1:50 am and I'm browsing the Internet. My mind is wandering and the typical teenage girl in me is #overthinking So I thought I might vent a bit?

5 weeks till school...
1 book and project to complete..
What's with my friends lately?!?
Why hasn't she texted back?
Where do we stand?
What am I gonna do with my hair tomorrow?
Do you think about me too?
Do people notice that some times my smile really is a frown?
Does life get harder the older you get?
Am I singing to loud for 2am?
You're back but it's not the same..
I really should be in bed.. 
I miss the old us..
Things change... Sadly
Change and I aren't the best of pals...
How many people actually care?
It's late...
I'm gonna destroy my phone sooner or later?
Why do people act fake? 
I have 20% battery life left on my cell phone..
What else can I do to make my parents proud?

This is when I stop and remind myself that I'm me.. Fearfully and wonderfully made.. Things happen... People change and Life will go on
Night Lovelies!!

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