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Saturday, April 27, 2013

My Friend and Foe : NAILPOLISH

I love nail art. The irony in this is that I have the shortest nails known to man and I pick at the nail polish once it's on because a nail chips and I don't care about them anymore. I have the worst nail painting skills ever. It's so sad because I really like nail art. I would love to paint other people's nails but I wouldn't really care for painting mine. I have issues with my left hand looking like fabulous and my right... well let's just say It would frighten a whole lot of people. I really do want to improve though and the only way to improve is practice. I paint my nails constantly so I can learn what works and what looks good and bad. A few thinks I've learned is that you can use a pen as a dotting tool and cut and old nail polish brush to have a thin brush instead of a thick one. Of course I was dying to try it out and I have to say cutting an old brush works. The thing about using the pen as a dotting tool is the dots don't look right. So as a replacement you could use an old studded earring or stick an sewing pen in an pencil's eraser and BAM you have a more defined dotting tool. I hope this helps someone out there. I also hope all you nail polish warriors like me, keep fighting!

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